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The ITKF, in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, shall carry on the following activities:

• Hold the World Traditional Karate Championship and related activities.

• Hold the Traditional Karate World Cup.

• Hold and support regional tournaments, inter-country friendship tournaments and other related events.

• Establish, conduct and supervise various rules and regulations for Traditional Karate competition.

• Establish, conduct and supervise various standards pertaining to the techniques of Traditional Karate.

• Establish, conduct and supervise various standards pertaining to the qualifications of instructors and judges.

• Establish, conduct and supervise various standards pertaining to the athlete’s status.

• Hold and support lectures and seminars pertaining to Traditional Karate.

• Establish various educational and research institutions for the development of Traditional Karate.

• Publish & distribute official publications related to activities of the organization & Traditional Karate in general.

• Exchange information to provide useful material for member organizations.

• Carry out other activities necessary for achieving the aims of the organization.

 Meeting with IOC

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We would like to inform you that on June 9 and 10, 2022 in Skopje, the official representatives of ITKF, d-r Dejan Nedev and d-r Vencislav Nedev have several meetings with the leadership of the IOC and EOC,  they had separate meetings with the President of the IOC, Mr. Thomas Bach, the President of the EOC, Mr. Spiros Caplaros, and with the IOC board members Mr. Sergey Bubka and Mr. Nenad Lalović. The meetings discussed the current situation in world karate as well as the possibility of renewing the negotiations for the recognition of ITKF by the IOC as well as the possibility of unifying world karate. Dejan Nedev presented an encyclopedia to the entire leadership of the IOC on the occasion of 50 years of karate in Macedonia.


International office address: st. Naroden Front 14, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia