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Technical Qualifications

Dan Ranking

ITKF officially recognizes Eligible Style Organization (ESO) rankings which have standards that match ITKF technical standards. ITKF recognizes each ESO ranking as an official rank.

Ranking Examiner

ITKF recognizes Ranking Examiners who have completed the necessary ITKF course and examination as well as each respective style organization’s recommended examiners. Examiners are ranked as Class A, B or C.


ITKF qualified judges serve at all official ITKF competitions. Judges must complete the required course and successfully pass the examination. There are two categories for Judges: Kumite and Kata. Each category has three classes: A, B or C.

Certified Coach

ITKF issues certificates for Certified Coaches, which require completion of the necessary course and examination.

Certified Instructor

ITKF issues certificates for Certified Instructors, which require completion of the necessary training course.


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